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MoodEat has been developed by Dr Eirini Manthou who is a clinical nutrionist and a physical exercise instructor and Dr Yanni Malliaris who is a clinical psychologist.


Dr Eirini Manthou, BSc., MSc., PhD.

Eirini is looking after your smart dieting plan that is designed to improve your mood. She assesses your lifestyle, your eating style and your activity patterns, and proposes the best solutions to help you manage your weight. She holds degrees from the University of Thessalia (BSc in Physical sciences) and University of Glasgow, Scotland (MSc and PhD doctorate in Clinical Nutrition).

Dr Yanni Malliaris, BSc., PhD.

Yanni is looking after your smart psychological plan that is designed to improve your mood. He evaluates and helps you improve the behaviours and cognitions that maintain your negative mood and disrupt your efforts to lose weight. He holds a psychology degree from University of Stirling and UCLA, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of London.