Welcome to MoodEat!
Welcome to MoodEat!

  • Have you ever tried to lose weight and you couldn’t make it?

  • Have you ever tried to put yourself and your eating behavior in order but you failed?

  • Do you lose hope every time your dieting efforts fail?


The fact is that most diets fail because they do not take into account one very important factor: your mood! Our mood plays an important role in our eating behavior. It affects and it is affected by what and how we eat.


Nearly all diets ignore the role of our mood, and so far no diet has been designed with foods that aim to improve your mood.


Recent scientific data show that many foods have the potential to affect brain neurotransmitters and by extension our mood. This is why so many people end up eating unconsciously foods that provide short term mood improvements and they end up ignoring the long terms effects of their food intake on their general mood.


The new MoodEat diet focuses on food choices that positively affect our mood. It also takes into account the important role of dietary behaviours that ensure proper weight management and mood improvement.


It is based on the latest research data from the sciences of Nutrition and Psychology. Although it is not intended to treat clinical conditions (eg. clinical depression) the latest studies show that certain diets and exercise programmes can help to improve these conditions as well.

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